You received a booking, and now...

For your advert or adverts you use the booking system of Gîtes. However, the administrative processing of reservations is done by Gites: the rental contract, the collection of down payments of the rental amount and the management of the calendar of these reservations are done through the system of Gites. If you receive bookings other than through Gites, you must block these periods in your calendar.

Request for information or booking?

There is a difference between a request for information and a booking request. You can see this in the subject line of the email. If it is a request for information, you can reply by e-mail.

A booking request must always be evaluated and offered via your client account when logged in on the Gites website. It is not possible to offer it by email! In the booking email you will find a link to the booking management page.

Sometimes a request for information and your answer to this question lead to an agreement on a booking. However, the booking must still be activated by the renter, by clicking on the red button "Book now" in your ad. Only in this way is the booking process started. If necessary, please inform your future renter about this, so he can start the booking process.

I receive a booking request, what to do?

You receive a booking request by email. The subject of the email clearly indicates that the enquiry is a booking request. You have now 48 hours to offer the booking.

In the booking request you will find a link.  Clicking on this link redirects you to your client account on Gites and to the corresponding booking. You may need to sign in first. On the booking page you will see an overview of the booking and all relevant information. Under "booking fees" you will see a pro forma invoice for your tenant, to which you can add additional costs or discounts.

By clicking on the + sign a new line opens, where you can enter additional costs or discounts. Once you have entered the amount, then click in the area next to the form, and the amount is included in the invoice. 


On the right side of the page, you will see the 'offer booking' button in a yellow field

Clicking on the "offer booking" button leads you to the page where you can add comments to the booking before sending it. These comments are included in the online booking overview for both the renter and for you as the owner. Here you can include all agreements relating to the booking, for instance the hour of arrival, if the beds will be made at arrival etc.

Finally, you click on the final "Offer Booking" button to offer this booking by e-mail to your renter, who now has 48 hours to make the reservation by paying a deposit (30%). Once the deposit is paid, Gites will put the calendar on "unavailable" for the booked period. Gites will remind the tenant when it is time for the next payment. You can view the status of the reservation in your client account when logged in.

We transfer the rental amount minuns commission (+VAT) max 2 business days after arrival of your renter, provided that he/she has access to the property as agreed in the rental contract.

What to do ....

It is important that your availability is correct and that the prices have been correctly entered; a booking can only be requested if the period is available and a price for the requested period can be calculated (see prices). If you receive bookings from other sources, it is important to include them in the calendar.
Respond as quickly as possible to enquiries and bookings. Bookings can only be evaluated and offered via the link to the customer area of ​​your adverts on Gites.
You might sometimes receive more than one reservation for the same period. In this case, you must cancel the booking which you can't accept. Please note: in some cases  you will be charged € 30 if you refuse a booking.*) Please always communicate the reason for this, to avoid any frustration with the client (because according to your announcement, your house was available and to reserve).
Check if the booking request is complete and add additional charges or discounts. Once the reservation is offered, it can not be changed.

And what not to do ...

  • Don't block the calendar for a booking. To be able to book a period, the period must be free (available). The calendar will be blocked automatically by our system.
  • Please do not let a booking expire without communicating. If you know you can not accept the booking, please cancel it. This prevents us from having to remind you and perhaps call you. 
  • Accepting a booking request by sending an email does not work. The tenant then knows that you agree, but the boooking system can not handle it. Always confirm or cancel a booking via your client account, under "bookings".


*) When will a booking request be charged?

  • If the landlord does not respond to a booking request nor extends it and a booking therefore expires.
  • If the landlord rejects a booking request based on inaccurate information in the advertisement (availability, rates, etc.).
  • If a booking request is offered with significantly different conditions than in the advertisement, whereby the offered booking is rejected by the tenant.
  • In all cases the booking request is not processed in accordance with normal and correct communication, leading to a refusal of the booking by the tenant.
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