Obligations for Chambres d' Hôtes

Chambres d' Hôtes guest rooms are furnished rooms in or around the house (Maison d' hôtes) of the owner, referred to as commercial tourist accommodation, availible for one or more nights with the possibility of additional services (for instance tables d'hôtes)
In a Maison d'Hôtes there must not be more than 5 bedrooms  for guests and beds can not be offered to more than 14 people at the same time*, including the residents.
During your stay, the operator is required to serve a breakfast.
The owner has an insurance.
A guest room must be isolated and must be equipped with heating.
Each room has access (directly or indirectly ) to a toilet and a shower / bathroom .
The Chambres d' Hôtes meet the minimum requirements of hygiene and safety .
Linen is provided by the owner.

* If more than 14 people stay in your Maison d' Hôtes, you must comply with the rules ERP ( etablissement recevant du public), the same rules that apply for hotels. If for example, in case of fire there are more than 14 beds in the house and you have not met the ERP rules, you are basically not insured and personally liable .

Good to know: There is no official state-supported classification of Chambres d' Hotes as there are for hotels, campsites and holiday homes. Fiscally the Chambres d' Hôtes are regarded as a classified accommodation (commerce 71% abattement in Micro Bic) .

Taxe de séjour:
You should check with the municipality if Taxe de Sejour has to be paid and and at what rate .
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