Renting out property for others

If you organise the rental for friends, neighbours or just customers, you should be aware that in France this is a protected brache is where training, qualifications and authorization is required.

In France, all professional activities are categorized with an APE number. The activity of renting out falls under the category with APE number 68, where immatriculation and habilitation (ie registration and license) is required.

 6810Z      Activités des marchands de biens immobiliers
 6820A      Location de logements
 6820B      Location de terrains et d'autres biens immobiliers
 6831Z      Agences immobilières
 6832A      Administration d'immeubles et autres biens immobiliers
 6832B      Supports juridiques de gestion de patrimoine immobilier

It is not allowed to have an activity within a company which does not have an APE - number. Even if you do it as a private person, it is still a protected activity (like it is nog allowed as a private person to execute brain surgery ...).

It is simpel: If you organise the renting out for others, than you are either: touroperator, agence immobilier, agence commercial or real estate agent. It doesn't matter if you do this with or without earning a salary or a remuneration. 

Documents : Categorie 68 / Insee

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