Legal conditions for a Meublé

Meublés are houses (including villas, apartments and studios ) intended or temporary intended for tourist rental to passers for rent per day, week or month. Minimum requirements : a kitchen facility, a bathroom and toilet, heating and most importantly a private entrance .

The owner who lets his property, must report the activity to the Mairie. This is independent of any classification. Any change in detail compared to the original registration leads to a renewed registration.
The Meublé meets the minimum requirements of hygiene and safety .
Unclassified the Meublé is seen by the tax authorities as a service (50 % abattement in Micro Bic)
Caution ! An owner who fails to report this activity can be fined € 450.00 .

Optional :

For classification, an application shall be submitted to an 'Organisme Evaluateur Agreé', which can be found on the website of Atout France. The 'Organisme Evaluateur' will make an appointment for a visit. Often, these are employees of Gîtes de France or Clé Vacances. If there are more organisations in your department, you are free to choose one yourself. Their classification has the same status in law as the Prefectural classification. They will probably try to convince you to join their organisations, but you do not have to. In the month following their visit, the owner gets  an inspection report and a proposal for the award of stars.

Then you will have two weeks to appeal against that proposal. The final classification is valid for five years. On the report you will find:
    The name of the landlord or his agent
    The address of the Meuble,
    The capacity (number of beds)
    The category of classification in stars ( 0-5 )

In case of evidently very bad of overdue maintenance, The Prefect can revoke the classification and take the Meublé de Tourisme from the list of classified houses .

Caution ! If there are more than 14 beds in your Meuble, you must comply with the rules ERP (Etablissement Recevant du Public), the same rules that apply for example to hotels. If for example in case of fire, you had more than 14 beds and have not met the ERP rules, you are basically not insured and therefore personally liable .

Relevant documents: (French)

Contrat de location saisonnière d'un meublé de tourisme (preferred but not required )

For rental request the tenant is obliged to show (if required) :

How to insure :  Comment assurer un meublé de tourisme en location saisonnière ?

Taxe de séjour : You must verify at the Mairie if you will have to pay Taxe de Sejour and at what rate.
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