People visit my advert, but the response rates stay low

The visitors who have found your advert, show clearly no reason to ask for a booking.The response rates are relative. If you get a lot of visitors on your ad, but little response, the reasons are to be found on the advert.

Photography: A fresh look at the pictures from someone else can help to see things that you do not see as the owner. Visit the page for photo instruction.

Your text : If you are unsure of your texts, find someone in your area who can deal with them. Do not underestimate the content of your ad. Have a look at the text instruction page .

Your pricing: make your pricing as clear as possible. Try to make your prices all inclusive as much as possible. From a marketing perspective prices that are inclusive are positive and extra (compulsory) costs are negative.

Aren't you too expensive ?

Availability: it is very easy to keep your availibility up to date and this has a great influence on your response.

Contact : Can people reach you for phone calls or e-mails? Is your e-mail account still active and correctly spelled?
And ...
react promptly.
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