How to make good pictures of your property

  1. Make sure you take your photographs on a sunny day. If you are not great at taking photographs, ask your brother, next door neighbour or even a professional to take them…it's worth it!
  2. The best time to make photographs is in the early morning or later in the evening when there is a lot of red in the light spectrum; the light then gets a warmer quality. In the evening you can achieve a warm appearance by taking the picture at dusk with all the light on in the house (and swimming pool).
    If you need additional lighting, turn the lights on, light candles or  the open fireplace (a burning newspaper gives enough light for a photograph)

  3. Should you have people on the photograph or not? As soon as a photo becomes a family snapshot, a visitor could feel excluded or get the feeling that he has to share the property with the people on the photo. And without being rude.... not everyone is photogenic.

  4. Think about what the focus of your picture is; avoid technical things like a sattelite receiver or your car. The open fireplace, comfortable chair, hammock or an attractive view from the window is a lot better. It is important to have something on the table, bottle of wine, book or newspaper…. Everything that makes the picture appealing.

  5. For many visitors, the location of your house can be as important as the house itself; for instance if it is directly on the ski slopes, on the beach, in the woods, vineyards or in the town. 

  6. Make sure to show some pictures of the interior of the house as well as exterior photos and of its setting, as well as touristic sites.

  7. For the smaller rooms, use a wide angle lens or if you do not have one, take the picture from a corner.

  8. Do not take pictures in the winter (unless you're in a skiing area). Bare trees distort the dream of a sunny holiday.

  9. It does no harm to show the best sides of your house. If you are not comfortable with the kitchen, show the pleasant bedroom. If a visitor asks for photos of the bathroom, toilet or buanderie, don't hesitate to send them by email. 


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