How can I put my advert higher on the list?

Every night at 4 am the order of houses is set at random by the server. 

All holiday houses have an equal chance to get a place at the top of the list. 

However, this doesn't influence the number of visitors to your advert. Visitors of our website use the selection menu to influence the list of houses that is shown. Every selection and certainly the availability changes the order on the list of houses. 

There are more efficient ways to improve the 'findability'  of your gite. We know that 70% of the visitors make a selection based on the availability. This means that you as a landlord must indicate which period is still availible and which one isn't. If you don't do this, a visitor only sees 'availible on request'  when your house appears in the selection. In a selected list of for instance 20 houses, the houses that are still available will be first on the list. Most visitors prefer those houses of which they are sure that they are still available.  

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