Newsletter 3 2013

The new version of Gites will be online tomorrow. This version has been tested by a large number of Dutch clients and we have worked hard to correct errors that have been reported. However, we are aware that some anomalies may not yet have been noticed and we will be grateful if you let us know if you notice them.
What is important to know, is that to log on to the new site, you need the email address with which you registered on our website. This email address (to which we send you this newsletter) replaces your old username. Your password remains unchanged.

The log on procedure is still the same: You will find the link "Login" at the top left of the page. The web site has changed a bit – for the better from our point of view!

The changes imply that our site now meets the current standards, both in terms of data security and in terms of usability. However, some elements have not yet been included on the new site. We ask your understanding and patience on the following points:
  • There are no prices migrated.This is due to the introduction of a new system that allows greater flexibility in the presentation of your rates. You'll need to enter your prices again for 2014. On our old platform, you were limited to one price per season and you could provide more details on prices in your ad text. The new site allows you to enter your rates for periods that you define yourself. For site visitors, it means they have direct access to very specific rates, corresponding exactly to the required period of their stay. It is really important that you take the time to fill in your rates for the next season.
  • Please take the time to also check that all the information that you entered in the availability calendar is correct. It will only take a few minutes, and as you know, the fact that your schedule clearly indicates which period is still available for your property has an enormous influence on the performance of your ad. Those of you who have placed an ad for B & Bs now have access to a calendar per room.
  • Still many of you have not activated or filled in your specified page Advertiser yet. We now invite you to do so. As long as you have not activated or updated this page, it will not be accessible for visitors. There are nevertheless many reasons to do it, including the fact that the link to your own website is now placed on this page. We have taken this decision after noticing that visitors leaving your ad to get to your website no longer return to the ads - These “exits” could lead to fewer applications and fewer locations - and this is the last thing we want. By placing a link on another page than your ad page, we avoid this problem.Visitors of our website know that they usually rent a holiday home from an individual landlord. By introducing yourself on the Advertiser's page you confirm this personal touch.
  • The launch of the new site can even encourage you to review the text of your ad, You should know that our new platform now has a filter that allows visitors to search by keyword!   
  • Our first clients have never needed to indicate the number of bathrooms when creating their ad. At the time it was not part of the information to be entered. So these ads show 0 bathrooms. For those of you for whom this is the case, the introduction of the new platform gives you the opportunity to give this information.
  • In the old version of the site, you needed to click on "Internet access" and "Wi-Fi" to indicate that there was an internet connection via Wi-fi in your house. All these ads will appear with two entries for internet access. Please choose the type of access to avoid double mention.
  • It is possible that the order of your photos has been modified during the data migration. Of course you can put the photos in the desired order. You can change the order of the first five photos - then the following photos. You can not move the photo 6 to 5. However, you can replace the photo. In addition, the new version of the site reserves a place of honor in the photos that are presented in a larger format. If you are one of our first clients, and if you have never changed your photos, it is likely that they now appear very fuzzy on the site. This is because the photos do not have enough pixels to be well displayed. Of course, you can always upload photos easily and for free through the "photos" module.

What remains to be done:
Migration of all ads is a huge job and we have not been able to do certain things - Of course, we strive to complete this work as soon as possible:

  • At the moment, the statistics show visits and requests of the last 30 days. Don't worry: all data on the number of visits and requests on your ad in recent years have been preserved and will be available on the website soon.
  • The search module on the map is still limited to a search by region, then by department. We do our best to upload the map search as quickly as possible.
  • The option of creating a route description was available in the old version but has not yet been implemented on the new platform. It will be there soon.
  • The 'Points of Interest ' offer a wealth of added value for your ad.They are a part of searching on the map and the possibility of route planning. We are working on it and will implement it as soon as possible .
  • Not all guestbook messages have come along . There are now up to 10 messages in your guestbook. We're going to put that right.

What options will disappear:
As mentioned in our previous newsletter, some options will cease to exist:

  • Ads for the combined properties have not been included in the new version of the site. We will contact all customers who have a subscription for this type of advertisement in the coming weeks to explain the new possibilities.
  • Final settlement pre-paid credit: as mentioned before, the pre-paid system will no longer exist. From now on, all optional services (for the moment, it is only last minute deals) will be charged normally. For that reason, we will soon send everyone who used the pre-paid a final invoice.Attention! Do not pay this invoice. It will be deducted from your credit Anyone who has a credit on their pre -paid account, will soon be contacted about how you want us to settle this credit with you.
  • New billing system: We use the opportunity of the launch of the new platform to introduce a new billing system. Now you will receive your invoices in PDF format as an attachment in an e-mail. At the moment, this means that you do not have access to your old invoices on the site. They will soon be available again.
Market developments
The rental market is changing. When we started 14 years ago, our website was one of the first in the travel industry. Today there is no holiday without the Internet. Customers looking for properties on our site 14 years ago are now joined by their children, who also use the web to find a property for rent or for sale in France. The requirements of this new generation of users are different from those of their parents and make changes to our site necessary.

The launch of the new site allows us to retain our older visitors, but also to win many more. This is a big job, and we understand that for you this takes time to adapt, but we are confident that you will appreciate the new version of Gites.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation and on behalf of the entire team of Gites and the technicians,

Best regards,

Theo Noordewier
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