Is a rental contract an obligation?

Many tenants want to receive a written confirmation before paying a deposit. To meet this demand, you can use a rental contract.

Gites offers an online contract. This contract is well formulated and meets current legal requirements. It can be sent as an email (PDF version) or you can import a file to send by mail.
You can also use the many sample contracts available on the internet to create your own. Please note ! The rental agreement must meet the following requirements:

It should be formulated in French (because it concerns a house located in France) and it should be accompanied by a translation (in Dutch when your customers are Dutch).

It must contain the following: the address of the house and the address of the cottage owners; the rental price; payment terms and cancellation policy; a description of the house as well as its dimensions and a list of its contents (inventory). Of course, do not forget to mention the length of stay.

Warning: a holiday rental can not last more than two months. If you and your tenant wish to rent longer, it is best to renew the lease every two months.

The rental contract is a useful tool that protects you and your tenant.

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