How to write a good text for your advert

Writing a good text is not easy for everyone. The quality of your text, just like the pictures, is critical to the success of your advert. The following suggestions will surely help.

1. Follow the format as it is proposed by the site. Visitors of Gites are looking for information about your holiday home according to this format. If they do not find the desired information in the sections provided for this purpose, it is likely that they will click away from your advert to look further. You can always stand out from other advertisers using a message or a particular tone when writing your ad.

2. Your potential tenants are looking for information that allows them to experience the atmosphere of a place. The text "Magnificent villa in the heart of a natural park" is more eloquent than "Holiday home with private parking."

3. In general, people search for compact information that says a lot. In the text fields for free texts, try to be concise. A total of 400 words per field is ideal. You can give more details in the field "further remarks".

4. Offer your texts in a structured way. A well-structured advertisement is easier to read and understand.

5. Avoid using too many adjectives or superlatives. Proofread your advert and remove anything that is not useful.

6. Address to someone when you write. Customise your advert. Information such as "the pool is heated all year" is less attractive than "The pool is heated for you to 26 degrees all year round."   

7. Stimulate visitors to view your Guestbook. These testimonials are always nice to read, even though everyone knows that there are only positive stories.

8. Check the spelling and grammar of your text. If necessary, have it proofread by a friend. Do not forget to check punctuation. Avoid using capital letters. In writing, it's like if you are SHOUTING!

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