Update availability calendar for a holiday home

To make sure your property has a high profile on our website, it is essential that you keep your availability calendar up to date. Most of the time, visitors of the website search for a certain rental period. Your gite will only appear in their selection if the available periods in your calendar are set on green (available).


To update the calendar:

  • Go to www.gites.eu
  • Click on "Login" at the top right corner of the page
  • Fill in your email address and your password and click on "Login"
  • Click on the tab “Your advertisements” to access your adverts
  • Click on "edit" underneath the photo of the house to access the editing menu
  • Click on "Availability" in the menu
  • Click once on the start date and once on the end date of the period you want to update in the calendar.
  • Choose the required status in the new window
  • The best is to put the whole calendar in green in the beginning of the season and then block the periods that you don't wish to rent out by choosing "not available".
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