A standard subscription includes the following:

  • A listing with a picture in the index of or
  • Your own gite page with a detailed description of your self catering holiday home or B&B.
  • unlimited amount of photos of your property in a rotating gallery.
  • An e-mail form by which your clients can contact you.
  • A booking form through which the client can safely book online.
  • A calendar on your page where you can show the availability of your gite to your clients.

Once your page is activated, you receive your invoice by e-mail (if you choose formula 1). The basic subscription can be used to advertise in any one of the 4 languages Gites provides: 

  • Dutch
  • French
  • English
  • German

An overview of our prices can be found here.

A one-off translation of your page in any language can be provided by us. Later minor modifications will be translated for free, please ask. exists in The Netherlands and Belgium for over 14 years. These are the markets for which we have most experience and therefore also the best results in terms of amount of visitors of the site and amount of requests. We created the website in other languages ​​a couple of years ago and the results for these other markets are not comparable with the results for the Netherlands and Belgium even if they are improving year by year.
To begin with, we strongly would recommend that you post your advert in Dutch on our website.

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