How to update availability for a B & B

We advise you to put the whole calendar in green in the beginning of the season. You then only have to update the periods that are not available anymore.

  • Go to
  • Click on "Login" at the top right corner of the page
  • Fill in your email address and your password and click on "Login"
  • Click on the tab “Your advertisements” to access your adverts
  • Click on the photo of the house to access the editing menu
  • Click on “Rooms” in the menu
  • Click on "Availability" next to the room you want to update
  • Click once on the start date and once on the end date of the period you want to update in the calendar.
  • Choose the required status in the new window
  • If you want to create a rental contract via our site, then use the status "booking" when you have rented the house out. You will then have to fill in the details of the renter.
  • If you are using your own contract, I advise you to use the status "Not available" when the gîte is booked. With this status, no details are required and from a visitor's perspective, the calendar will appear in red whether you have used "Not available" or "booking"
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