Capacity and pricing

Often, owners of holiday homes with a larger capacity wish to rent their house to couples and close off a part of the building.

You can therefore vary in rates for different occupancy in your pricing periods. This is only possible within a certain range, which is mentioned below. This range is also applied to the capacity selections of visitors.
In the left column you find the entered minimum occupancy by the visitor and in the right column to which capacity you can enter rates, as well as the capacity shown in the selection.

If the visitor searches for 1 person, houses up to 5 people are shown.

If he searches for 2 people, houses up to 6 people are shown.


1 5
2 6
3 7
4 8
5 9
6 10
7 13
8 14
9 15
10 16
If your advert doesn't fit in this schedule, you might consider taking a second advertisement. If you feel that this schedule is not satisfactory in your specific case, please contact us. We are happy to find a solution together with you.

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