Here below you will find an explanation of the 
Advert shown:
This is the number of times your ad is clicked and displayed on the screen of a visitor.
Next to it is the average of the whole website and the difference in green if that is positive compared to the average or red with a negative difference. A negative difference is always an invitation to optimize your ad.
There are three issues of key importance:
1. Make sure your availability is listed in the calendar. The 'default status is on request. You must explicitly state your availability!
2. Make sure your rates are entered into pricing module per period. Not a simple general price reference in the text, but specified for the periods that you rent out. You can do that during the current season for the next. Without this price entry your ad shows: "Price on request" ans this is a 'turn-away'.
3. Provide excellent photography. Hire a photographer if necessary. One picture is worth a thousand words. It is in a selection often the photo that urges the visitor to click through or away.
Visitors ratio:
The ratio number indicates the number of questions per 100 visitors. This is intended as an easy comparison figure. The higher the better. If lower than average please optimize your advert.
Questions asked on the form:
This number represents how often you are approached by the visitor using the form on your ad. We do not know whether you are contacted by telephone. The average is also listed. This average does not have to be important for your ad; it depends greatly on the geographic location or the popularity of the region where you house is. Yet this figure is a good indicator for the effectiveness of your ad.
Too low response rates mean that there is something on your ad which turns your visitor and potential renter away. Initially your ad was included in a selection so it will probably be less on the pricing or location. Optimizing means:
1. Give complete information. Do not send visitors away to another website or refer at brochures that can be found in the house on arrival. Visitors have bothered to make a short-list of houses and in that selection they would like to find their destination. The websites that you mention in the text never becomes a clickable link, so you ask your visitor to copy the url and paste it in another browser window...
The chances are that they leave your ad since there are more and easier ads in their selection. If the ad is complete and interesting, your own website comes automatically in the picture. Make sure your information inspires the visitor to book with you.
2. Make sure your photography is optimal.
3. Find a niche in which your home belongs. Make clear how your renter can benefit from you as their host.
4. Make your ad less complex. An ad should attract people. Do not bother them in this stage with booking details and payment rituals. That you do when the want to book.
5. Keep your rates clean! Our advice is to work with all-inclusive rates if possible. A large visitors annoyance is that low rent ultimately gets inflated by all kinds mandatory services. A security deposit is not in the rent. Please also note that the sale of electricity in France is reserved by law to the EDF.
You are better off with slightly elevated rates and an all-inclusive image, than give your visitor a seemingly low rental price along with complex math they have to do before they discover that your house ultimately is more expensive then the next.
Shown in selection:
Visitors create selections of houses and they go on with selecting until they have left a "short-list" of interesting houses.
The greater the difference between the number of visits and the number of impressions in a selection, the greater the chance that you need to change the photograph which is shown in the selection lists. We call that the index picture, a picture of your house in its immediate vicinity. This picture must be the best of the whole list...
Statistics are not a goal ...
Quite often we hear that the numbers are bad, but the results are good and vice versa. The statistics are a tool. There can help you optimize but ultimately the result counts. There is a big difference in numbers if you rent three months in four longer periods or in twelve short. The statistics in both cases give other figures, but you need to assess whether your ad is effective enough for you.
Call us
In many places on the website, we suggest that you can always call us. About this topic, we invite you to do so if you think you need to optimize but not immediately know how to tackle this.

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