Newsletter march 2015


Bye bye Sabine Riezebos


Many of you know Sabine rather well, because since many years she answers the phone and helps you to manage your adverts. What you probably didn’t know is that Sabine and her husband are foster parents of 4 children. This has become more and more important for Sabine, who now has decided to make this a full time activity.

In the coming months, she also wants to dedicate her time to the association: ‘Le Pont’ of which she is a founding member.

The objective of the association ‘Le Pont’ is to support unaccompanied foreign minors on French territory. Few solutions currently exist for these young people who are often in precarious situations. The objective of the association is to offer these children in distress a warm welcome, with a framework and tools for them to build a future. As it is a non-profit organisation, ‘Le Pont’ needs support and good will to make it work.

Marietta Kenkel will be Sabine’s successor for Gites. Marietta was already very active as a copy writer and translator of newsletters. As for Sabine, she will not disappear completely, since she will continue to take care of the translations into French. She will also do replacements if necessary.

To thank Sabine for her years of work in our company and to wish her well, we have chosen to donate to the association ‘Le Pont’.
If you also would like to participate in this wonderful initiative, you can do so by clicking on the link below.

...donate to 'Le Pont'...  



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