VAT on your invoice

Which VAT on your invoice from Gites?

We have the legal obligation to define the country of residence of our client based on two criteria : the address you have entered in your account and the IP address from which you usually log on to your account. If these two are matching, then we base our VAT on the country of residence you have entered in your address. In case the address you have given us and the IP number do not match, then we are legally obliged to apply Dutch VAT (BTW) on your invoice. For every new invoice we check there 2 criteria again. 

If, for instance, you are living in France and usually you log in from France on our website, we will charge French VAT (TVA)  on your invoice. 

By the way, there is not much difference between the percentages of the two. The difference between Dutch and French VAT is usually less than 1 Euro. 

NB: For entrepreneurs in the EU outside the Netherlands with a valid VAT number, we shift the tax. They will receive an invoice without VAT. We are required by law to check the VAT number. 

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