Changing the email addres of your account

Your email address on Gites is entered in two places on the website.

1. In your advertisement. Here you can enter two e-mail addresses. These addresses are used to transfer messages from your tenants / buyers. Here you can also enter an email address that is used as e-mail to SMS. Often this is a paid service from a supplier.

2. In your account. The email address of your client account is the address we use to contact you, to send newsletters, invoices, and sometimes reminders. It also serves as address to contact you directly from our customer service. This email address is also your user name with which you log in to your account.

Listed below are the steps to change the email address of your account:

  • Log on to your account with your old email address.
  • Click on "account" in your dashboard or in the blue barr at the top.
  • Clik on "your details"
  • On this page, change the e-mail address with the new and click on "update account" at the bottom of the page. 
  • On the new email address you will receive a message from Gites with a link to confirm the account change.
  • Click on the link (within an hour, otherwise the link is no longer valid). If the link does not work, follow the instructions in the message.
  • You will receive a short message that your account is confirmed. If the account confirmation fails, you can request a new confirmation message.
  • The new email address is now your new user name with which you log into your account.


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