Guideline, in addition to the terms and conditions

The quality of each ad influences the perception of the whole website. That is why the advertiser will pay great care to the texts in the ad. The effectiveness of an ad depends strongly on the quality of the content.

The advertiser will have to comply with the format of the website; the titles of the free fields will be respected and nothing else will be mentioned than what is necessary for the renting out or sale of the object which is stated in the ad, or business and services which are directly related to that.

Availability on the calendar
The calendar module on Gites is not free of obligation. If the module is not used this will result in the house not being shown when a visitors searches for a certain period. Almost all visitors to the site look at a specific period, so it is very important make the available periods available in the calendar!
Not updating the availability (regularly) has a negative influence on the effectiveness of an ad and also has a negative influence on the experience of the visitor of the website. It is not permitted to give availability which doesn’t correspond with the true situation.
Gites reserves to intervene if abuse is proven.

Last minute
Last minute offers can only be done through the module intended for that purpose. Last minute offers always have a discount component.

Price listing
In the system of the website the prices are stated by the property owner is price periods.
For holiday homes the stated prices much be valid for the maximum capacity as advertised, including use of the advertised facilities. All facilities and services which are not inclusive much be specifically mentioned in the text area ‘ Notes on prices and deals’ . Moreover it is possible to give deviating prices when the house is used by less guests. In case of sale price the selling prices plus buyer’ s costs must be given.

The external link
The property owner/seller can put a link in his profile box to his own website if on this website his house is (more extensively) described. It is not allowed to give a link which leads to websites of third parties, other information sites of other platforms which offer holiday homes for rental . We would appreciate it if the property owner/ seller places a link back to his ad on Gites on his website. The external link may only be mentioned on the allocated place an not as part of texts in the free text boxes.

Multiple homes
The ads have been designed to present individual houses. It is not allowed to present several houses as different objects in one advertisement. We advise you if you want to advertise a number of houses to make an ad for each house for the following reasons:

By taking several ad pages you will substantially increase the attention for the homes and with that the response and possible renting possibilities.
By deviating from the standard format of the website the risk increases that the houses will not be viewed. People are creatures of habit and expect certain information at certain places.
By deviating from the standard format of the website the general look of the website will be influenced and indirectly this will also affect the value of the website as a whole.
The apply a discount structure on the yearly subscription rate when a property owner has several ads. The rates Gites handles are yearly thus with a limited budget it will create a maximum marketing effort.
If you have several ads than these will all be mentioned on your profile box.

The name of your holiday home / ad
Gites reserves the right to change house names if besides the name, additional information is provided. The name of a house must not contain information other than the name. For instance not possible is: "Le Pinson, three weeks off in July" or "Hirondelles near St. Tropez”.

Star indications
In France conducting stars, spikes or keys as a quality indicator is reserved for those houses that are classified as Meublé de Tourisme. Without such a rating mentioning stars is prohibited. If of stars are mentioned on Gites this means we must be able to prove that your house has a valid classification as Meublé de Tourisme. If is possible to mail us your 'récépisse of your rating. We will then add your rating to your ad. In all other cases, the use of stars or any other form of quality mark with symbols is banned.

Photos can be placed in the advertisement. The first five photos will be posted after review by Gites. One of these five will be used as a photo for the overview list. This photo should be a photo of the house in its immediate vicinity and is chosen by Gites.

Decency rules also apply on the internet. Writing complete words, which are not titles, in capital letters is usually considered as rude. It is the same as SHOUTING and is therefor not allowed on advertisements of the property owner and seller.


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