In case of a cancellation of the contract the renter will be charged cancellation fees that depend on the time of cancellation. Cancellation must be made in writing. The cancellation costs will be calculated as follows:

Number of days before booked arrival date

Due part of the rent

Until the 90th day before arrival date

30% ( = down payment)

From 60th day till the 28th day


From the 28th day


From the 7th day of later


Without cancellation the renter always owes the full rental fee and additional costs.

The tenant is not entitled to terminate the agreement with the property owner other than as provided in this cancellation scheme.

Upon timely cancellation crediting will take place of what has been billed, simultaneous billing of cancellation will be done. Gites is entitled to offset funds in any amounts already received.

Price, billing and payment

The booking leads to chargeability of the rental fee, booking fees, handling fees and any other charges. Costs associated with payment in all cases are borne by renter.

If one or more additional insurances are bought than premium(s) and costs are due.

The amount due must be received no later than the times listed below.

Number of days before the booked arrival date


Immediately when booking

30% of the rental sum

No later than 70 days before arrival day

Anthere 30% of the rental sum

No later than 40 days before arrival day

Remainder of 40%


total 100%

When a booking is made less than 70 days before the arrival date then the deposit and second payment will be added in accordance with the term of the previous overview.

If payment is not received after a reminder, statutory interest from the date payment was due and extrajudicial collection costs will be added to the outstanding amount. These extrajudicial collection costs amount to 33% of the amount due with a minimum of € 40.00.

In the absence of timely receipt of amounts due a booking will be cancelled without prejudice to any obligations of the tenant under the contract, including the obligation to pay all amounts owed.

Cancellation of a booking by the property owner

If the booking is cancelled by the property owner then Gites will ensure refund of money paid by tenants who have become unduly as a result of the cancellation by the property owner.

If the property owner cancels the agreement between the renter and the property owner from the 28th day before the arrival the tenants has a right to:

  • a compensation amounting to 10% of the rental sum with a minimum of € 100.00 per booking
  • assistance in finding alternative accommodation(s)

For the remainder and in all other cases renter owes nothing as a result of cancellation by the property owner.

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