I can't find my own advert!

As a landlord you probably try and visit your advertisement on the website to see how it is shown to visitors. Landlords know where their house is, what the name is, the capacity... all the details that a visitor obviously does not know. As a result, you are probably searching in a different way than a visitor.

There can be several reasons why you can't find your ad.

These are shown below. Please check all possible reasons carefully.

  • If it is a new advert: Have you published it? This is the final step in creating the advertisement: save as a draft or publish directly.
  • The advertisement is no longer active because it has been deactivated. You can check this in your account. In that case, no ads are displayed. You can find deactivated advertisements under "complete overview of adverts" and then "archive".
  • The advertisement has been blocked due to payment arrears. You can check this in your account. In that case, the payment arrears are 90 days or more and you have received several reminders and a notice of default.
    - Have you paid the invoice(s)?
    Please let us know on which date and from which bankaccount number and the name of the bank account holder..
    - Haven't you received any reminders?
    Please check the email address in your account and if necessary, change it.  Read here how to do this.
  • You are searching in Gites.eu/fr instead of Gites.nl or Gites.eu/en. Please check this in your browser window.
  • Your search is based on search criteria that do not match the properties of the advertisement. For example: you search for "cot", while a cot is not indicated as a feature in the editing mode of the advert.
  • Your search is based on a period in which the house is not available.
  • Your search is based on a price which doesn't match with the price of the house in the advert for that period.
  • Your search is based on a number of beds that doesn't match with the number of beds in your advert. For more information about capacity click here.

    The website remembers search terms entered on the computer by means of cookies. So selections from a previous search can be active. You can check this under the yellow selection menu, but above the list of ads in your result:

You can remove these selections by clicking on the cross in the grey text fields.

If, after applying all the check points above, your ad is still not found, please copy the URL / link from your browser window and paste it in an email message. Please send the e-mail with this link and your question to info@gites.nl



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